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Jakeeq Interview


Jakeeq is a DJ and music producer who is currently based in the Digbeth, Birmingham, representing the UK side of Society NZ.

Connexions Club is a music and events brand, they do events of multi genre and try and make them special and bring people to Birmingham for there debut!

How did you choose your name?

Believe it or not I kept the same name as my Xbox gamer tag when I was a kid. it was jakeeq, my name is Jake and eq works with the music too so it's relatable partly.

How did you get your first gig?

I've been into raving for years before I was into Djing, I just loved the music. When I got introduced to going to music studio such as Pirate Studios or Iron Trax, I just kept having a mess about, we're all so shit! But after alot of practise and money spent of sessions I joined a DJ society. These guys gave me my first gig!

What genres do you play/produce and why?

I produce mostly DNB and lo-fi stuff at the moment, I mostly play jungle and low end darker tunes.

What software do you use to produce tracks?

I use Ableton 11 now and god damn it's expensive.

How long does it take?

I used to be in the zone with this production, sometimes I'd make two tunes in a day. But recently I've been struggling with the motivation so it's more like a tune every couple weeks.

What inspires your music?

I love working with vocalists, I think the music has more of an opportunity to create a story that way.

How did you get into DJing? Were there there any challenges?

I used to go pirate studios just to party and listen to my mates dj. After watching them I just started doing it myself, I sold clothes on depop to get my first controller and spent so much money at pirate studios and iron trax the best studio in brum.

What do you love about performing live?

Playing my own music for sure! There's nothing like it.

How many tracks have you released? Do you have any favourites?

Over the last 2 years probably realeased over 20 songs across labels and collabs, my favourites are lucid dreamer, this song means so much to me, the deep vocals are beautiful. Alongside music is medicine, the music me and Ekstatic made has to be my favourite. Closely followed by sweet talk on SWR.

What have been your favorite festivals and/or clubs to play at?

I've never played a festival, I wish! I've played at most the clubs in brum now! I want to play in Manchester and NZ one day!

How has the pandemic affected your career?

I think it helped my social media presence at the time because I was always doing long live streams and would get some good interaction especially during lockdown.

Do you use Email marketing? If so, how?

Yes but only for new track releases to email the tune to the emails collected from previous downloads.

What other promotion tactics do you use?

Social media shares, upload mixed and videos for promotion. Chat to everyone!

Do you also organize gigs? What are the main challenges associated with that?

Yes I am part of Connexions Club and my club of choice is Club PST, Birmingham! I love it there. There are many problems with the club scene at the moment, getting people out and buying tickets with the world how it is is always a challenge!

How did you get involved with the record label Society and what's your favorite track that they've released?

I've known Yetti for years, me and tama have some amazing collabs and are good friends. When he said he was making his own label and wanted me to be part of it representing the UK side, of course I couldn't say no! I'd love to get more involved with the NZ scene especially the mc's. MC tree is sick.

My favourite track on here is deffo F*ck society! Yetti killed it

What about New Zealand makes you want to go there?

I love the place, the nature and views are beautiful! I also have some amazing friends over there, YETTI! the link up is soon pending my bro

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