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Types of tracks, mixes and remixes

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In this article you will learn the types of remixes and mixes.

Types of remixes

Official Mix

This is a mix requested by the artist or label.


This is a mix of a track released by an independent mixer that hasn't acquired rights to the track. The mixer usually doesn't have the original MIDI files.

You shouldn't sell bootlegs.

Such mixes are common on and

Also copyright strikes on website such as can be common with bootleg mixes. When you get a copyright strike the mix is taken down from the website hosting it. Your YouTube channel can get taken down if you get three copyright strikes.

Club Edit or Club Mix

This is a mix designed to be played in nightclubs. It's typically 6-9 minutes long.

Radio Edit

This is a track typically meant for radio. It's generally 2-5 minutes long. You usually need a radio edit for E.D.M. tracks if the artists wants them to be played on the radio.


This is a mix usually reserved for playing in a DJ set.

Mash up

This mix takes elements from two or more tracks and them into one song. Sometimes these can be bootlegs, too.


This is an edit of a mix designed to be played in a DJ set. Examples of edits that you could make are include the drop lengthened or some vocals are removed.

Types of mixes

Original Mix

The original mix is the original version of the track. It's typically only used for E.D.M. tracks. Official mixes of radio songs would be called the "Official mix".

Extended Mix

Extended mixes are simply a longer version of the original mix.

Instrumental Mix

This is a version of the mix without any vocals.

I do like vocals, however a few instrumental mixes sound fantastic to me.

Other versions of tracks

Clean Version

This is a family friendly version of the track; usually this version has no offensive language. Sometimes it censors mentions of sex, drugs and alcohol.

The words can be replaced or silenced. The replacements can be other words or a beep.

Explicit Version or Dirty Version

These versions have lyrics with words that people may find offensive.

Brackets in track names

Tracks (including mixes and remixes) may have the type in brackets. The mixer who created the mixer will put their name in the brackets sometimes. They'd put their name before the track type.

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